The Family Experience

Our family photoshoots are a lot of fun and a great way to spend quality time together. We aim to capture each member of your family’s personality and bringing out your unique family dynamic. We photograph children of all ages and capture their ever evolving characters at the various stages of their developing lives, from toddler’s right up to young adolescents, in beautiful photographs that will hang on the walls of your home for many years to come.

We encourage you to bring along some props to your photoshoot. Props such as treasured toys, or dressing up clothes can really bring out the character of your children and help them to relax and have a great time.

In preparation to your photoshoot, we advise wearing clothes in plain colours and no patterns. Especially with a group of you together, then patterns can be very distractive in the images. We also recommend wearing a similar colour theme, which not only looks great in images but also bring unity.

After the photoshoot, your photographs are carefully selected, edited and retouched to ensure you have the highest quality images possible. Book your session with us and we will create inspiring photographs to hang on your wall and cherish for a lifetime.



The Maternity Experience

Pregnancy is one of the most magical chapters in a woman’s life and an exciting time for the family. During this amazing period, your body, emotions and senses change and become closely linked with the tiny new life growing within you. Nothing else compares to these moments.

Some are hesitant to be photographed during their pregnancy because of the changes to their body. But those changes, the beautiful bump and the gorgeous mummy glow, are unique to this special stage of your life and should be preserved to remind you and your family of this miraculous moment. The most ideal time for the maternity shoot will be during 30-36 weeks of pregnancy, where you have a gorgeously full baby bump. You could also include your family members in the shoot, as it is a memorable phase for your family too. At the end of the shoot, we want you and your family to have a fun and relaxing experience, and beautiful images to remember this special moment by.



The Newborn Experience

With so many milestones in a baby’s development it’s extremely hard to pick just one favorite to photograph. Below is a guide of the different stages of the first year and half in your baby’s life.

Newborns – small and new, so delicate and fragile. The ideal age to photograph newborns are within the first 10 days. This is an incredibly precious time that should not be missed. This is when you should have close-up detail images of their tiny feet, hands, eyelashes and those adorable sleeping images of them in different curled-up poses. These poses can only be done with newborns.

3-6 months – smiles and funny faces. They’re starting to show expression. At this stage the baby still needs to be propped up, terefore we use baskets and blankets to get cute photos of those chubby cheeks.

6-7 months –the infant is starting to sit and there are more options and expressions for us. This is the time to capture the baby giggling and clapping and doing cute and funny faces. Sessions at this age can get very fun and creative.

8 to 10 months – often the baby is crawling and full of energy, loads of photo opportunities using toys and various props to distract them. And get their true personalities and characters to shine through. We often use a crisp white backdrop for a very clean focused look.

11 to 16 months – standing at last, or at least able to hold themselves up, maybe even walk. A huge milestone. This is a great time to include extended family and take advantage of the outdoors. These pictures are all about catching the right moment!

Personally, I would recommend having the baby photographed as a newborn (first 10 days old), around the 6 months mark before they’re crawling, and again as a one year old or when they start walking.
For this purpose we have developed our special Newborn & Maternity Packages, giving you three separate shoots within a 12 month period at special discount rate.