A cherished image is but a record of that significant and beautiful moment.
Behind the lens, through the viewfinder, we provide a glimpse of that memory for those in love.

You spend so much time and energy into making your wedding a memorable day, so why not let a professional photographer capture those special moments and eternalize your memories?
Every special moment is preserved: the affection and tenderness between couples, laughter and tears of joy, the whole story saved forever.

By engaging our services we will provide you with these precious and priceless moments in time, giving you beautiful and intimate images. It is a privilege and we relish being part of your story, telling it through the lens, that is why we took up a camera for the first time and why we continue to do so.

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Wedding Price List 2013




who got Married on the 26th January 2013!

The whole photography team wishes
you both a long and happy marriage together!